10th of August
As mentioned - delay in updating is a rule of thumb ;)

OKIKOKI! Where do I even start?!

May - LOVELY puppy meeting! Thank you all who joined. Obii bred a beautiful English female (owners: Graham and Jen Ford and Hannah Moore). Wins wins wins at shows! Both in Hässleholm and Denmark and Österbybruk/Vallentuna. In Valllentuna Uno even won the group for Mr Roger Vanhoenacker! He later went Best in Show 3 for a british lady. Wonderful!

June - Denmark again! Woop woop. Wins AGAIN - this time Kofi was Best Baby in Show two days in a row! And Uno Best of Breed both days. Of course, we had a great midsummer with lots of nice food and cold drinks!

July - Tvååker International went GREATER than ever - Uno winning yet another group and making momma P VERY proud!

August - Pyr National in Norje Boke! Resulting in Best Bitch for Katia and Best Puppy for Kofi for J.B. Moings from France. Uno was 3rd Best Male and lots and lots of Vi'skaly's Pyrs were highly appreciated by the judge. On top of this, we won the Breeder's Group and the Progency Group. 2nd day resultet in Best in Show at the SBHK show for Uno, Best Bitch for Katia and BIS Puppy for our Spanish import Messi (Helleborus de la Borda d'Urtx).

AAAANNNNDDDD! We now have puppies! What all breeders love THE MOST! It gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling - for a long time!

Really - I am sorry about not updating the website. Any suggestions on website-programmes working the trick for a PC-dyslectic with absolutely no cyber-common-sense? Easy, pretty and easily maintained...? Let me know!

16th of April
LOL, won't even apologize...late updates is almost a rule of thumb now ;)
BUT! Crufts has been and passed! Uno did an incredible job and finished with Reserve CC! We are ever so proud of this young male who we thought would be a bit like a fish out of water in the UK, as he is very different in style and type than many UK dogs (in both good and bad ways, of course). Anyhow, we are very proud and happy!

The 20th of May we're arranging a puppy meeting (for adult dogs too, so - perhaps a "kennel meeting") at our farm, please come and join! We meet up at 10 am and keep going until approximately 4 pm. See you there? Just call us or email for more information, the website is "messing with me" big time, so I just wanted to get the date out for all of you to book!  

15th of February
Puppy pictures and news from Fredericia International in Denmark!
Please feel free to enjoy the pictures at the puppy site!

The first Danish show of the year resulted in BOB for Uno and BOS for Poppy - making her a Swedish Danish and Norwegian Champion! Uno finished the day with Group 2nd after a stunning and top winning Great Dane.

 21st of January
Ben & Jerry's litter is born!
Pictures will come soon! 7 girls and 5 boys. One girl is very weak, but we cross our fingers for her :)

11th of January
A new year!
...has begun! And isn't it lovely?! We are happy to announce that Vi'skaly's once again has "filled" the Top Dog list. Tog Dog of 2011 is Vi'skaly's Stage Diver, "Uno", and Top Female is Vi'skaly's Poppy Pinot, "Poppy". The full list will be published here as soon as I get around to do it, shortly I can mention that Obii was 2nd Best Male. Maia was 2nd Best Female. Among other well deserved and honourable placements were Jillaroo, Quila, Woody and many other beautiful Vi'skaly's dogs!

Christmas had been and passed, so has New Years. We've spent it with friends and family, and of course together with our lovely dogs. We are well thrilled to start 2012! And we did so with great success in Gothenburgh at the 2 x International dog show "My Dog". Uno was Best of Breed the first day for judge Annika Ulltveit-Moen (with Poppy as Best Opposite Sex). Poppy was Best of Breed at the second day for judge Karl-Henrik Johansson. Uno was 2nd Best Male. Also, Poppy was shortlisted in the group - woop woop! 

UNO IS SHOWING HOW IT'S DONE WITH STYLE! On the picture he is free-stacked - I haven't touched a single leg :) (proud momma!)


VI'SKALY'S KALLE KAWAZAKI (Vi'skaly's Pixie Crunsch x Ciachi du Valle de Joli Jaunter) was Best Puppy in Breed on the 2nd day. Well done Li and Micke at kennel Pyr Blanc Patron.

We expect puppies VERY VERY VERY soon. Jillaroo is on day 54 today and last time she whelped during the 57th day. Exciting! We do hope she holds it together a bit longer though! We still, probably, have some males/females (depending!) available for loving pet homes. Don't hesitate to contact us if it's time to expand the family with yet another Pyr.

 2nd of December
A lovely weekend with friends
Our last weekend was LOVELY. Keith Savage, Yvonne and Gary Traynor came over to visit. We are sorry that Carol couldn't join this time! We missed you. Anyway, the weekend was GREAT - we had a full day of laughing, dog watching and grooming...AND freezing! Because Swedish weather is BAD at the moment - really bad. The Sunday we spent on the big Puppy Show in Malmö, with over 1000 puppies. Katia, Quila and Murphy's daughter, was Best of Breed and Group 2nd. We're thrilled over the fantastic words from judge Petra Junehall. "Best" for the day was the siblings group - BEST IN SHOW for Katia, Qlara and Kamu :) I'm attaching some photos from our weekend, but don't miss out on the two new albums - marked in red in the gallery.


From left to right, top to bottom...1) mum with all the fur-balls, 2) Disa, Jill and Peikko, 3) Kamu and Yvonne, 4) Peikko and mum, 5) Poppy, 6) Katia, 7) Keith and Spirit and 8) Harry and Mimi playing :)

31st of October
Now our plans are settled!
We're in for a busy winter...AGAIN! In November we're breeding Jillaroo and in January we're breeding Breeze. Both with the STUNNING young male Börre from Ströndafjorden's kennel in Norway. Thank you Vivi with family for letting us use this sweet boy. Don't hesitate to drop us a line if you're interested in a puppy.

This weekend equals two shows - Växjö International and SBHK National Mountain Dog Show at the same show ground. We're looking forward to it lots and lots!

Mattis goes from success to success in Japan, now he has cashed in two major BEST IN SHOWS ans several FCI International Group 2nds. We are so proud! Thank you Mrs Osato and the rest of the "team Mattis" for making this dream come true for us.

5th of October
Important weekend ahead
Oh, HOW FUN this weekend will be! Me and Daniel have the pleasure of spending the days together with kennel Joquibaz - Jessica and Johan. Jessica has special friends to visit in Belgium, so - we will enjoy the sights and promise to bring many pictures with us home!

We haven't had any big shows lately - just a small puppy show to train the babies. Little Disa, our English princess to be, beat her siblings and got Puppy Group 2nd! What a great start! And well done Johnny, Carina and Ronja (White Light Moment) with your BOB and BIG 3 :)

At home everything is just as everything always is - busy busy! LOADS of planning ahead....and! Uno, Saki and Poppy are x-rayed. Uno BB, Saki AC and Poppy AA :) So, all good for the Pyrs! We look forward to breeding smashing Poppy in 2012.

18th of September
Great news from France!
Yes - Sofiero has been and passed. Once again with great results! Uno took another Best of Breed and finished it off by winning Group 2nd. Jill was Best of Breed Veteran - soon 12 years old! Mattis' sister Nudde from Denmark was Best Bitch with CAC and NEW SWEDISH CHAMPION! Quila was 3rd Best Bitch (Jill 2nd) and KAsper (Allington) was 2nd Best Male. Uno and Kasper were the only males with CQ. Katia was the joy of the day - with BEST IN SHOW PUPPY! And with that Katia qualifies for Puppy of the Year in Stockholm in spring.

BUT! Over to the "big things". Good news from France! Best of Breed was Ciachi's son (our grandson!) Esprit. Best Opposite wa Fatica - Fago's sister from Spain (Peikko's auntie!). Third was Vi'skaly's Amazing Alfa at Kington! GREAT AND WELL DESERVED KEITH AND CAROL! We are SO proud! Best "tres jeune" was Querida - the daughter of Spirit and Stella. Stella! Stella who won the CAC for the day! Well done team Chenespace! :) I wish we were there!

5th of September
Back from Öland!
One of the best shows of the year! We just came back from Öland National. We started off by heading to Lina and Marcus' place in Kalmar - a beautiful farm called Enebacken. Marcus was away on business, but Lina, Jillaroo and Obii made us feel very welcome! Jessica, Johan, Melker, Åsa and Jonas made us company and what a great dinner we enjoyed! Thank you Lina. The show day started off in a rush as we nearly missed the judging! But hey! Nevermind. Not with the results we had! Uno did it again - Best of Breed. Obii was 3rd Best Male and Tyson 4th. Baltzar was Best Veteran. Best Bitch was Jillaroo, followed by her daughter Poppy who won another CAC to her nowadays quite big collection... :) The finals started and we did rush a bit...three finals in a row - all with GREAT success for Pyrs! Baltzar was Best in Show Veteran for judge Carl-Gunnar Stafberg. We bounced and jumped in the collecting ring, Jessica came running to switch dogs and then we headed into the ring with our Breeder's Group. Judge was Alex Krasilkoff from Denmark and we were proudly awarded BIS 2nd! In our lovely glittery tops and with great help of Jenny Hall from kennel Vaskurs Icelantic sheepdog and Pharao Hound (you know the girl with the red bangs ;) ). I ran like mad to get my jacket, only to run equally mad back into the group ring with Uno. Once again he made us proud by winning Group 2nd! WELL DONE UNO BOY! Mummy's boy! Pictures from the weekend is found in the gallery! :) THANK YOU LINA and all others for making this weekend ever so good!

29th of August
The new web site and a summer with no updates!
This summer is something I'm ever so sorry for! I have really put you all in the dark with no news from us what so ever. BUT - we've had a thrilling summer! The shows, the puppies, the people...oh my! The club show in Norje Boke was something extra special with top results for our kennels once again. Young Poppy was Best Bitch both days - with no coat! - and her cousin Uno was BOB and BIS-1 the 2nd day. Swedish Winner show has been and passed - over 20 entries for a Spanish judge. Uno did it again! BOB and BIG-4. This means that we've had the pleasure of breeding a Swedish Winner in Sweden every year since 1998! Wiiho! :) Between the club show and Swedish Winner we squeezed in a visit from lovely UK friends - and Uno squeezed in a BIG-1 at a big show - Ronneby. So, no updates does not equal no news! Quite the opposite, frankly!

23rd of May
THANK YOU - we have the BEST puppy buyers!
This year's puppy meeting was one of the best ones! We had a GREAT time together with many of our dearest friends. The pictures from the meeting are available at the gallery - please have a look and enjoy! We are so, so lucky to have the puppy buyers we have - we love them to bits and are very proud of the hard work they put into their dogs.