To buy a puppy at Vi'skaly's

First when the puppies have arrived safe and sound (which we know after a couple of days), we contact you to share the news. The first couple of weeks no people are allowed to come and see the puppies, as they are very fragile.

Once the eyes have opened and the puppies have started to show some interest for their surrounding, the first visits are accepted. Generally the bitch would accept your visit from this point, but to protect her integrity you will still only be allowed to look at the puppies from a distance.

When the puppies have reached four weeks it's time to bring the camera! You can now spend some time with the cute little things, even together with the mother of the puppies.

After yet a couple of weeks (when the puppies are six-seven weeks old) and onwards - you're allowed to bring parents/children/friends or anyone that has an interest in seeing the puppies! The puppies are now strong enough, both healthwise and mindwise, to be faced with new people and experiences.

We never deliver the puppies until they're nine weeks old. This as we believe that the ninth week is extremely important for the development of the puppy. This week we keep the pack of puppies (without their mother) together with some of the adult dogs in the field. Everyone we have delivered a puppy to has been very grateful for our "ninth week", as the puppies now has learnt how to act together with grown-up dogs.

Please feel free to contact us for further information! We always have time to take visitors when it comes to the adult dogs - just give us a ring! OF COURSE you can also give us a ring just to chat about dogs in general!

Woop! OF COURSE we have plans, lots of plans...


We have planned to breed Uno to Betty in winter
(depending on when she comes in season...)

We have planned to breed Uno to Poppy in February!


We are now taking reservations!
All our puppies are sold with a full pedigree and with all vaccinations and health examinations required.
The puppies are born are raised in our house together with other dogs and animal.
We are happy to assist with the extra time and vaccinations needed for export to other countries. / 0046 415 80088 / 0046 738 32 00 88



The Breeze-litter
Vi'skaly's A Breeze of Alaska x Sans Cèder Camembert
Two maled and three females were born the 10th of August 2012


The Ben&Jerry-litter
Vi'skaly's Jillaroo Spirit x Ströndafjorden's Börre
Five males and six females were born the 18th of January 2012



The Ego-litter
Vi'skaly's A Breeze of Alaska x Chenespace Garcon
A baby girl was born the 16th of August 2011 - welcome Mimi!



The Motorcycle-litter
Vi'skaly's Pixie Crunsch x Ciachi du Valle de Joli Jaunter
Four males and five females were born the 31st of May 2011


The Moon-litter

Vi'skaly's A Spoonful of Stardust x Rivergroves Murphy-Goode
Five males and four females were born the 19th of January 2011


The Colour-litter

Vi'skaly's Betzy Lou x Vi'skaly's Spirit of Alaska
Four males and five females were born the 1st of January 2011


The Grape-litter

Vi'skaly's Jillaroo Spirit x Cachemire de Beaute Blanche
Seven males and five females were born the 17th of January 2010


The Dance-litter

Vi'skaly's Cattle Kate Johnson x Ussel de la Borda d'Urtx
Nine males and three females were born the 6th of January 2010


"Older" litters are found on "dog data" on - enjoy!