In this page we present males bred and/or owned by us. Some of the males we have bred and sold are extremely important to us, hence our wish to show you who they are! For each dog we specify where he lives.



Messi   Helleborus de la Borda d'Urtx      (lives at kennel Vi'skaly's)
Messi was bred by Joan Ferrer-Sirvent in the valley of Cerdanya in Spain. We are so happy and proud to have Messi with us (which of course became his name as he flew from Barcelona Airport!). Messi is a large puppy and we have great hopes for him, so far he has had a great start of his show career with winning Best in Show Puppy at the mountain dog specialty in Norje Boke for judge Johan Andersson.

Born: 22nd of February 2012

Hips: too young

Sire: Lloze de la Borda d'Urtx
Dame: Xalesta de la Borda d'Urtx

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KofiKofi  Vi'skaly's Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz      (lives at kennel Vi'skaly's)
Kofi is such a sweet boy! He has started his show career as a puppy by winning back to back BIS Baby at Ballerup International in Denmark, followed by winning BIS Puppy at the Danish National for Alain Pecoult and later on BIS Puppy at the Swedish National for Jean-Bernard Moings. Is there a better start possible? We don't think so!

Born: 18th of January 2012

Hips: too young

Sire: Ströndafjorden's Börre
Dame: Vi'skaly's Jillaroo Spirit


KofiHarry  Vi'skaly's Harry Honda at Kington     (lives in the UK with Keith and Carol Savage)
Harry was born and raised here at kennel Vi'skaly's and moved to the UK in Augusti 2012 to spend the rest of his life surrounded by the best of people! We are certain Harry will enjoy his life as lord of Kington Cottage and cross our fingers for a long and fabulous career. A career which started with great placements at the French National in Argeles-Gazost followed by RDCC at the National of North of England!

Born: 31st of May 2011

Hips: too young

Sire: Ciachi du Valle de Joli Jaunter
Dame: Vi'skaly's Pixie Crunsch


PeikkoPeikko  Chenespace Roi pour Vi'skaly's      (lives at kennel Vi'skaly's)
Peikko was bred by Tuulikki, Tuulia and Julia at kennel Chenespace in Finland and came to us at the age of 9 weeks. We are proud to own this stunning boy! Sound from head to toe and with a bouncy and loving character.

As a puppy Peikko was Best in Show Puppy at the mountain dog specialty in Norje Boke for judge Carsten Birk. Peikko was then sparsely shown before his summer tour in Finland where several CACs were won. At his Swedish debute in official class he was Best in Show at the mountain dog specialty in Åstorp for judge Liliane de Ridder-Onghena.

Born: 13th of March 2011

Hips: still not hipscored

Sire: Fago de Alba de los Danzantes
Dame: Chenespace Oelliet

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PipiKamu  Vi'skaly's Xbalanque Qui-Mu at Calcessa     (lives in the UK with Yvonne and Gary Traynor)
Kame was born and raised here at kennel Vi'skaly's and moved to the UK at the age of 12 months. He is a very tall and handsome boy with lots of bone and great attitude. We love this boy to bits, but are confident he will have a wonderful career together with Yvonne and Gary. So far Kamu has had great placements and he gained his first CC and Best of Breed in the end of October 2012. We're looking forward to following this boy in the future!

Born: 19th of January 2011

Hips: still not hipscored

Sire: Rivergroves Murphy-Goode
Dame: Vi'skaly's A Spoonful of Stardust



PipiUno  Vi'skaly's Stage Diver      (lives at kennel Vi'skaly's)
Uno is the result of hours and hours and hours of driving through Europe to reach the home of Joan and kennel Borda d'Urtx in time to breed our sweet Kate with Ussel. And we made it! Uno was our pick of the litter in a litter of 12 (9 males!) and boy has he lives up to our hopes and expectations! Soon three years old, and already a top winner in Sweden! Multiple group placer and winner, multiple Best in Specialty Show Winner!

And what a joy this boy is to be around, he absolutely LOVES his mommy! Uno is full of energy, full of happiness and always eager to please. A perfect arroundera, a great coat texture and fluent movements just completes the picture of this very sound and typical Pyr. On top of success at all breed level, Uno has been placed among the three best males for Alain Pecoult and Jean-Bernard Moings and the Danish and Swedish National. J-J Dupas and Sylvie Desserne both put him Best of Breed at all breed level. Top Winning Pyr in Sweden 2011 and currently also for 2012!

Born: 6th of January 2010

Hips: B

Sire: Ussel de la Borda d'Urtx
Dame: Vi'skaly's Cattle Kate Johnson


PipiObii  Vi'skaly's African Tunda      (co-owned and lives with Lina and Marcus Isaksson-Funke)
Obii was born and raised at kennel Vi'skaly's, as he was sold to Equador and needed to get all vaccinations done before going. One thing led to another, and OBii was suddenly too old to go (as he was a fully grown male and would have problems adapting to living with another fully grown male). We had grown to love him and couldn't let him go to a pet home. With a beautiful pigmentation and elastic movements, he is an asset to our kennel! Thus, we decided to co-own him with Lina and Marcus who are doing a great job in keeping him in condition and showing him with great success. Thank you!

Obii has one litter at kennel Desalazara in the UK, together with beautiful Carrie.

Born: 24th of November 2007

Hips: A

Sire: Vi'skaly's Design of Alaska
Dame: Vi'skaly's Jill Joy of Mountain

PipiWoody  Vi'skaly's A Fistful of Fun      (co-owned and lives with Anna and Björn Holst)
Woody was born and raised at kennel Vi'skaly's and lived here for the first years of his life. He has many great show results, such as CAC for both Elina Happaniemi and Alain Pecoult. He was Best in Show at the mountain dog specialty in Åstorp for judge Roger Vanhoenacker a few years ago. He has the most beautiful head and expression, a soft arrouye colour and pitch black pigmentation. The reason we decided to co-own him and let him move to Anna and Björn is his expertise in climbing! Fences 2-2,5 metres high would not even make him stop and think about it...and as we have several males at home combined with many females with seasons every six months (of course over-lapping - making it a year-around experience for our dear males), we decided he was better off as being the only male of the mansion :) Thank you Anna and Björn for your work with Woody!

Woody has 2 litters and is father of top winning Hedvig and Måns at kennel Bam-Bellas.

Born: 16th of October 2007

Hips: A

Sire: Cachemire de Beaute Blanche
Dame: Vi'skaly's A Breeze of Alaska

PipiAffe  Vi'skaly's Sundance Kid      (co-owned and lives with Arita and Jonas Werkelin)
Affe moved to Arita and Jonas already as a puppy, and has been successfully shown and well looked after ever since. He has multiple champion titles around northern Europe and is a lovely dog to be around. Thank you Arita for taking such good care of Affe!

Born: 2nd of December 2006

Hips: A

Sire: Vi'skaly's Spirit of Alaska
Dame: Vi'skaly's Jill Joy of Mountain


PipiPipi  Vi'skaly's Spirit of Alaska      (lives at kennel Vi'skaly's)
Pipi is the lord of the mansion at Vi'skaly's! He helps us in raising all the puppies and to keep all bouncy teenagers "in place". Hands down - Pipi is the all times top winning Pyr in Sweden! He is multiple BIS-winner, was Top Dog in Sweden All Breeds no. 4 2007 and no.5 2008, has represented Sweden at the Eukanuba World Challenge in Long Beach, CA, USA (where he at the AKC Invitational was Best Male and Best Bred By Exhibitor), was Best of Breed and Crufts 2008, is British, Swedish, Danish, Luxembourg and International Champion, Nordic Winner and Swedish Winner 2006, 2007 and 2008.

Pipi has 5 litters (three with our bitched, one in the US and one in Finland). Father of top winners in Japan and Finland and Sweden!

Born: 5th of April 2005

Hips: A

Sire: Marwells Idyll Rumor
Dame: Vi'skaly's Carissma Satí

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PipiDennis  Vi'skaly's Design of Alaska      (co-owned and lives with Keith Saut and Kerstin Nygren)
Dennis was born and raised at kennel Vi'skaly's and is the father of many stunning puppies, but when growing  bit older he wasn't very fond of the shows and got easily bores being one in the pack in the kennels. And when we met Kerstin and Keith there was SUCH a connection between Dennis and Keith! Amazing and impossible to explain. Hence, we offered them to have Dennis instead of a puppy and they didn't hesitate for a second! Dennis now enjoys his "old days" together with a sweet Golden Retriever named Donna, a few hours from us among the east coast of Sweden. Thank you Keith and Kerstin for taking such good care of Dennis!

Born: 5th of April 2005

Hips: A

Sire: Marwells Idyll Rumor
Dame: Vi'skaly's Carissma Satí

PipiBaltzar  Vi'skaly's Nordique Norton     (lives with Jessica Persson and Johan Olsson)
Baltzar was sold to Jessica already as a puppy and WOW what a great job she has done during these years! We are proud to have bred this boy, who year after year have proved himself in the ring as well as outside. After gaining several champion titles, a veteran world winner title and top winning awards from the club, Baltzar is now a retired "grandpa" to Jessica and Johan's babies - Melker and Ludvig.

Thank you Jessica and Johan, kennel Joquibaz, for all the hours you've put into this beautiful boy!

Born: 17th of October 2001

Hips: A

Sire: Cliff's Amadeus
Dame: Vi'skaly's Carissma Satí

PipiEddie  Vi'skaly's Eddie Asterion   (R.I.P.)
Eddie was co-owned with Anki and Mats Olsson and he is a male to remember forever! Large, tall and with beautiful balance, Eddie always caught your eye. Thank you Anki and Mats for the work you put into this dog, we will treasure his memory forever.

Born: 2nd of November 1998

Hips: UA

Sire: Sandybear's Saki
Dame: Laudley Dolly Blue





PipiFabian  Vi'skaly's Fabian Sirius Do-Ca     (R.I.P.)
Fabian was owned by Benita Selfelt and is one of the most winning Pyrs in Swedish history. First and foremost, Fabian was a lovely dog, but I think half the dog world will remember his as making breed history at Crufts 2002 when he was the first ever foreign Pyr to win Best of Breed at Crufts! On top of this, he was placed 4th in the Pastoral Group after 30 years of no Pyrs being placed in the group at Crufts! He "made way" for others, and we have now won 4 CCs at Crufts, 2 Best of Breeds - first time with Fabian and second time with Pipi (who also was placed 4th in the Pastoral Group).

Born: 15th of January 1997

Hips: UA

Sire: Laugtun's Cato
Dame: Laudley Dolly Blue